Introduction: Showerglass

One of the biggest green killers in our homes is the shower. Heated water is expensive too! It can cost as much as ten cents per minute. So, you know that half hour shower? It's costing you three dollars! Five minutes is plenty of time to take a shower, and for the Tap'dNY contest, I've found the perfect answer. A five minute shower timer timer made from recycled plastic bottles!

Step 1: What You Need.

For this project, you will need two used plastic bottles, hot glue and gun, a knife and scissors, and sugar (it's better to use fancy sand, aka sugar sand, which you can find at a craft store).

Step 2: Cut Out the Middle Section of Your Bottles.

Cut out the middle portion of your bottle with your knife. The amount removed depends on how large you want your showerglass. Just to be safe, cut out at least the label. Even out your cuts with scissors (no jagged edges).

Dry the sections out with a soft cloth, and let air dry. You do not want any moisture in your green device. Otherwise, its gonna mold.

Step 3: Hot Glue Together.

Line the top of the bottle with the bottom, and hotglue together. Make sure they are level, and that there is no gaps in your hotglue. You do not want any water getting in. Do this for both bottles.

Step 4: Make a Small Hole in Your Cap.

A small hole. Very small. You want it small, and then make the hole bigger (eventually, but not right now). Only in one cap. Leave the other unharmed.

Step 5: Add Sugar.

This is the complicated part. You need to fill one of the bottles two thirds full with sugar, attach the cap with the hole, and flip it over on the other bottle. Time exactly how long it takes for the sugar to transfer from one end of the bottle to another.

If it is longer than five minutes (or desired time), make the hole in the top slightly bigger (a very slight change in size will result in a drastic change, so use cautiously!).

If it is shorter than five minutes, add sugar.

Get it so it is exactly five minutes (or desired time) in length.

Step 6: Cut a Huge Hole in the Other Cap.

Big. As big as you can get it. At least bigger than the previous hole. It doesn't have to be pretty, no one will see it!

Step 7: Glue, Glue, Glue!

Glue the caps onto the bottles, making sure they are air and water tight.

Then, flip one bottle on top of the other, and glue the caps together.

Step 8: It's Finished.

Now go shower up.

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