Introduction: Shrink Your Freezer to Save Energy for FREE!

So you got a full-size freezer or deep-freeze, but you don't use all the space. Whether you rent or may need the space later you don't have to pay for that wasted space. So I'm going to teach you NEUTRALLOADING. The simple idea of loading insulating material to avoid paying to cool or heat air.

Step 1: Materials.

1.Several plastic grocery bags.
2.Styrofoam peanuts
3.Packaging tape.

Who said 2 wrongs don't make a right? Rather than throwing out those evil plastic bags and non-biodegradable styrofoam peanuts you can reuse them to save energy.

Simply fill one plastic sack with peanuts and then use another bag to cover the gap making a Styrofoam pillow. You can double-bag or use plastic bags as filler also. Seal the ends with clear packaging tape and your done. Make enough pillows to fill the unused space in your freezer or deep-freeze.

Step 2: Final Results.

Now throw your insulating pillows into your freezer or deep-freeze making sure to leave space for your fan. Make sure to leave plenty of circulation room. I prefer to fill the front half and leave a space behind so everything is evenly chilled. Putting things like icecream directly in front of the fan are great for fast freezing and prevents thawing crystals forming in the food.