Introduction: Shuffle and Headphone Holder

I have broken several headphones by wrapping them around my shuffle, but I hate it when the cord gets tangled. There are several headphone holders out there, but I wanted to keep them attached to my shuffle. This is an easy holder made out of a piece of old rubber boot, but it could be made out of many other repurposed materials.

Step 1: Planning

This is the finished product. You will need to adjust the size to your mp3 player and headphones. The most important thing is orienting the mp3 player so that the headphone wires are not stressed when they are wrapped, so lay out your player and get an idea of the size you need.

Step 2: Material Used

I spotted this boot along the side of the road and the rubber material is perfect. It cuts with scissors or a knife, but has a woven backing that keeps it from tearing easily. Many other materials would work - the first place I would look would be a thrift store for an old boot or purse.

Step 3: Make Template

This is the general template shape, adjusted to your mp3 player. I made sure it was the size I needed, traced it onto the boot then cut it out.

Step 4: Finishing Details

At this point I trimmed the excess, and notched the T on one end of the wrap. On the opposite end of the wrap, I cut a cross, with the long cut parallel to the wrap, and a small cut across. I also cut a slit behind the player to put the clip through.

The wrap is unnecessary for my mp3 player, since it has a secured clip, and doesn't have to be included. But it you do use it, you need to experiment with the T and cross closing. It is super simple, but the shape and size are totally dependent on the material you use. If your material tears easily but is thin, you can make a large T and not notch it out.