Introduction: Shuriken USB

I originally saw this idea of a Shuriken USB on the internet and decided to make one of my own. I thought of a simple and quick way to replicate the idea using foam cored poster board. So by following these simple steps you too can make your own and have a cool looking USB.

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Step 1: Materials

These are all you will need to make your own Shuriken USB:
a ruler
a pen
a needle/pin
a x-acto knife
a piece of paper
Foam core poster board
a glue stick
a hot glue gun
Paints (and any extra materials to colour or design your USB)

Step 2: Design

This step is really up to you. Just draw the outline of the design of your Shuriken onto a piece of paper. Mine is a simple four pointed star.

NOTE: your design must accommodate for the size of the USB you are using

Step 3: Transferring the Design

Now you will need to transfer your design onto the foam core poster board. Just place your design on the paper over the board and use the needle to plot points onto the board. Then just join these points together by drawing a line on the poster board.

NOTE: do this step twice as your Shuriken will be two cut outs stuck together to accommodate the thickness of the USB

Step 4: Cutting Out

Now its time to cut out the Shuriken. Use an x-acto knife and cut along your lines carefully. Remember to cut out two pieces.

NOTE: take time to cut your lines to keep them straight. Make sure your lines are cut properly to avoid tearing the poster board.

Step 5: Bevel the Edges

Now its time to make your Shuriken look sharp.
Mark out a line on the cut out stars about 5mm (1/4 inch) from the edge. Score this line just cutting through the first layer of paper (this will make it easier to cut out the bevels). Take your x-acto knife and at a 45 degree angle cut around your design. You should now have a 45 degree bevel around the outside. (do this for both peices but invert the bevel so they come together to form a sharp point)

NOTE: take time to make these cuts as to not tear the foam or paper. And again be safe with knives.

Step 6: Make the Lid

Now just cut off one point of the star, this will be the lid. (do this for both pieces)

Step 7: Make Room for the USB

Place the usb over the inside of the pieces and mark out its shape. Cut out this shape through the first layer and foam but leave th paper on the outside in tact. do this for the lid asweel but only the for the top part of the USB (the lid). Now remove the cut out section to leave a space where the USB will fit when the pieces are placed together. Glue the two pieces together and the two sides of the lid too.

NOTE: don't cut through outer layer of paper, this will ruin the outside

Step 8: Finishing

Nearly done. Now this step is up to you as it can be your design, paint it or cover it anyway you desire. Then glue in your USB and thats it!

I decided to paint my Shuriken black with acrylic paint  to seal the foam and then coated in Spray Paint and cut notches to give a broken and battered feel. I then covered the sides in aluminium foil and re-cut the noches to make them visible.

This can be your design so do what you want with it, make it creative!

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