Introduction: Shut the Box Game TA

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Today I will be showing you how to create a fun, mathematical game that can be played by the whole family.

Step 1: Go Shopping


1/2x48 pinewood with rabbit joint
15/16x 2 1/2 pinewood
3/4x9 pinewood
9 1/2 by 9 1/2 Luan board
Decorative Foam letters
Gorilla wood glue and elmers glue
#6 washers
1/8 dial rod
Decorative fabric
1/8x9 1/2 steel rod


Miter box
Patterns if necessary
Tri square
Needle nose pliers
Nail gun
Drill press with 1/8 drill bit

Step 2: Cut the Sides

Use Pinewood with a rabbit joint
Cut 4 pieces of 10.5x1.5 pinewood with a backsaw on a miter box.l

Step 3: Reverse the Angles

After each cut reverse the the angle of the wood
**When done, they should look like this

Step 4: Drill Holes

Use a drill press to drill a hole 1/8 from the top and 1 3/4 from the end of two frames pieces so the metal rod can be inserted and placed in the correct spot.

Step 5: Sand Away

Sand all 4 sides of each of the frame pieces shown in the picture
**Be sure not to sand the angles so when they are nailed together, the corners are nice and tight fitted**

Step 6: Putting the Frame Together

Use 1 inch nails to nail the 4 frame pieces together after applying a little wood glue to the angles
**be sure to place the frame pieces with the drilled holes on the left and right side of the box and wipe off any excess glue**
It should look like this!

Step 7: Cutting the Counters

Trace and cut 10 pinewood counters measuring 7/8x2.5 with a backsaw in a miter box

Step 8: Drill the Counters

Drill a 1/8 hole, 1/2 from the end in the previous cut counters with a drill press.

Step 9: Sand the Counters

Sand all sides of the previous cut and drilled counters.
This is what it should all look like!

Step 10: Cut the Divider

Cut a 9x1/2 pinewood divider with a backsaw in a miter box clamped down.

Step 11: Sand the Divider

Sand the previous cut divider on all sides except the ends.

Step 12: Stain

Stain all the pieces of the project.

Step 13: Cutting the Bottom Board

To make the bottom of the box, cut a 9 1/2x9 1/2 backer board cut out and glue it in the the bottom of the frame.

Step 14: Nail It Together

Nail in the bottom board using the nail gun in all 4 corners.

Step 15: Trace It

Trace a 9 1/8x9 1/8 cardboard square with an exacto knife to fit the inside of the box.

Step 16: Cut Out the Fabric

Cut out a piece of 10x10 fabric of your choice to add a little of design on the cardboard inside the box.

Step 17: Attach the Fabric

Take elmers glue and glue the fabric to the cardboard square.

Step 18: Cut the Metal Rod

Take needle nose pliers and cut a 1/8 steel rod down to 9 1/2".

Step 19: Add the Numbers

To number the counters, take and apply sticky sided foam numbers 1-9.

Step 20: Put It Together

Take the metal rod and insert it into the proper hole on the side of the box and add two washers on to the rod, then the first counter, then washer and so on and when you are done adding the ninth counter then add another two washers.

Step 21: Secure the Metal Rod

Add glue and insert a 1/8 dial rod into the 1/8 pilot hole to prevent and secure the metal rod from slipping back out, after drying snip off the excess rod.

Step 22: Insert the Divider

Insert and glue the divider evenly so the counters easily fall right on it.

Step 23: Add the Bottom Felt Corner Pieces

Last but not least glue on 2 1/2 felt triangles to the corners of the bottom of the box.

Step 24: Let's Play