Introduction: Sia- Cheap Cake-Cake Pops

Everyone knows that Sia loves a bit of Pop. Now the pop has become her! Time for you to delve into the fun world of Colin's Time to Bake, where you can learn how to make some delicious peanut butter and banana cake pops in the shape of Sia's head. Ready? Lets begin then shall we!

Step 1: Step 1- Make Your Cake

Get your ingredients ready, press play on the music and lets get baking!


200g Butter

200g caster sugar

3 eggs

1 banana

200g self raising flour

3tbsp Almond/regular milk


Step 2: Banana Cake

Pre-heat your oven to 180ºC and mix together 200g butter with 200g caster sugar. One at a time (to save you cracking in a smelly one) mix in 3 eggs. Add a tbsp of self raising flour between each egg. Im not entirely sure why this stops it from curdling, or even if curdling is a thing to be avoided. Add your banana, which should make the mixture sticky. Then add the remaining Self Raising flour and beat gently. Finally, add your milk (almond or otherwise) make sure the mixture drops satisfactorily off a spoon when you lift it up. That's how you know its ready. So I have been told.

Line a 20cm/8" cake tin and pour the mixture in. Pop this into the oven until baked all the way through. Around 30-40 minutes. A knife should come out clean. Check the middle as thats where it can be gooiest. The banana does cause some extra moisture, so be sure to factor in getting a bit of banana on the knife. You may have noticed I did 2 cakes, this was because I doubled the recipe for experimental purposes. Once ready, let it cool on a wire rack.

Step 3: Peanut Butter Pop


150g butter

150g peanut butter

400g dark chocolate (70% cocoa+)

100g Black fondant icing

100g White fondant icing

Cake pop sticks

Cake pop stand


Once the cakes have baked, then cooled. Pop them into a food processor (or with your hands) to break it into crumbs. Then, with your hands, mix in 150g of butter and 150g of peanut butter. Its so satisfying doing this. Take the mixture and mould into balls, about the size of a ping pong ball about 4cm/1.5" in diameter.

Now pop all of them into the fridge (be sure to put them on a baking sheet or something similar to stop them sticking to the fridge shelves. Leave them in for 30 minutes until they go rock hard.

Step 4: When Music Gets Stuck in Your Head

When the cake balls are solid, melt your chocolate (melt 300g first, and then if you need the last 100g, melt that too). Make a double boiler by placing a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. this melts the chocolate more evenly than the microwave.

Once melted, put a cake pop stick in the cake balls then dip into the chocolate. It's like fondue. coat liberally, and then place onto your cake pop stand to set. To make the stick...stick, you can always dip one end in chocolate and pop it into your cake ball. Then let it cool again in the fridge to keep it in there. I forgot where my cake pop stand went, so had to improvise. Alternatively, you can place them upside down (sticks up) on your baking tray. This will give your Sia Head a bit of a flat top, but sometimes thats just how life goes.

While the cake pops are setting (you can pop them back in the fridge, this will set them quicker) take your black fondant icing and roll out to 5mm thick, then cut out shapes that will be the black side of her hair. I found a slight trapezoid with a triangle at the top for the fringe worked well, but it's up to you and your creativity really. Do the same with the white icing. Then take the cake pops out of the fridge or wherever you have had them sitting, and place on top of your cake pops. Black on the left and White on the right, just like Sia's hair. Sorted.

Step 5: We Want Cheap Cakes

We all want delicious cakes, which is why you are here. Now you know how to make some Sia head cake pops.

Check out some of my other work on YouTube where I have weekly baking videos.

Sometimes Messy, Sometimes Musical, but always delicious... mostly

See you soon



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