Introduction: Sickle Repair

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I found sickle but handle on it was in bad shape and blade was in bad shape to, so I decided to repair it and show it to everyone :D .

The pictures tell a lot but I will write so It could be more easy to understand.

1.Remove old handle, that was easy becauseit started falling apart, when done I measured the diameter of the metal part of handle.

2.New handle, I found old peace of wood that was used as handle for hoe, wood was in great shape so I cut it on size of 15 cm and drilled hole in the center of it so the metal part of sickle can be drived in it.

3."Drive it in", I put a sickle in the vice and started pounding it whit hamer.When I was done i checked if it was sturdy, and then I started sharpening it so it was operational again.

I tested sickle and It was very useful to mow the parts of yard that I could not mow whit gas mower, and as an tool It has wide application in agriculture.