Introduction: Side Desk Shelf

Looking for a way to organize your desk but you don't have enough space on the desk to do so then look no further , this is a build that uses the cardboard boxes in your house to build a shelf.


For Materials I used 2 104x133 cm cardboard sides that I got from a box.

I also used Super glue , a ruler, a marker, and a box cutter.

Step 1: Cut the Card Board and Number

Using the Measurements from the pdf cut the cardboard pieces and number them accordingly

Step 2: Start of the Big Shelf

  • Start with Panel number 2 and remove 3 cm from the length
  • Take panel number 7,8,9 and place them 130 cm apart starting from the top edge.
  • Then take panel 1 and make sure the top of 2 and 1 are aligned and glue them
  • Take Panel 4 and 5 and attach it to the bottom of panel 1 where it is longer then panel 2

Step 3: The Head Set Stand

  • Take panels 12 and 13 and join them together with panel 15
  • then take panel 14 and attach it to the other side.
  • finish it off by connecting panel 17 and 16
  • Final attach the head set stand on the outside of panel 2 at the top

Step 4: Plate and Mouse Storage

  • place panel 3 on desk then on the two short length attach panel 6 and 10
  • measure 18 cm to get the center and then attach panel 11
  • next attach the entire thing on the outside of panel 2 at the bottom with the openings facing the outside

Step 5: In Case the Cardboard Bends

If the cardboard bends during the build you can reinforce it by attaching a rectangular piece of cardboard that goes diagonal or against the bend l to the bend to give it the structural integrate it needs to hold things.

Step 6: All Done Now Place It

Now that you finished enjoy a place that you can use to store your things

Side note: I attached the STL in case you want to make it out of another medium.

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