Introduction: Soda Can Stove

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''You are alone in the dark woods, you have no stove and supplies but luckily your survival skills kick in...

You start screaming... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!''

You should have brought your stove.

This stove is one of the best if made correctly. It doesn't need a pot stand, it can be constructed with 2 cans, and it has a super rigid construction!

Lets get building!

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Step 1: Can Can, Can You Do the Can Can?

The first step in this build is to get some soda, beer, or hops cans.

Tools needed:

Xacto knife (or standard utility razor blade)


can opener

Scotch tape

something to score the inside of the can with ( a nail works )


triangular needle file

book (a fairly large one too)

a permanent pen


Step 2: Cutting Cans

The book cutter device is useful because you can set the blade to any hight.

1. Carefully place razorblade in the book at 5cm above the table.

2. Push razorblade towards spine of book and hold in place.

3. Hold can to razorblade and rotate till can has a deep score, but don't cut through

4. Push blade through score and follow score line separating the two halves.

Step 3: Top of Can/ Capillary Action Inner Wall

Since the bottom of the can is now done, we can start with the inner wall.

1. Open the top face of can with the can opener.

2. Cut can to about 3cm tall.




3. With the permenent pen, mark out 16 EVENLY SPACED lines or dots on top of the can.

4. Using a triangular needle file or something with an edge, crease the can along the dots.

5. After the creases are done cut slits at the bottom of the can in the ''valleys''- 1cm deep.

Step 4: Spacer Ring

The spacer ring is the most simple yet very crucial to the stove.

1. Open the can with the can opener and de-burr with sandpaper.

2. Cut can so edges are 3-5mm tall.

Step 5: Squash It In!

1. Put inner wall in.

2. Crease the outer can from the inside.

3. Put ring over inner wall and press for a tight seal. (you should have about 2mm left after placing ring LEAVE IT FOR NOW!)

Step 6: Bending the Top

Remember the 2mm? Were going to bend that over to lock everything in place!

1. With your finger, bend the top over the ring going little by little until you get something that looks like the 1st picture.

2. Use your permanent pen and go over the fold to make it nice and flat.

Step 7: Holes (no, Not the Movie)

Remember the crease you put inside the can? If done correctly it should be visible from the outside.( picture 1)

that is the general area in which you should make holes.

1. In the general area of the line mark out 12-24 holes. (I did 24 with a template from Google.)

2. On your chosen marks, use a pushpin to poke your holes. (Anyone see the ''Untold stories of the ER'' episode where the guy swallowed a pushpin? Don't do that.)

Your soda can stove is now ready for use!

Step 8: Making It Nice.

1. You can get rid of paint with 400 grit sandpaper or soaking in Acetone.

2. Add some slits on the top for air-flow when a pot is on top.

Step 9: How to Light

To light it I am going to be using isopropyl alcohol because you can see it burn in the daytime. Methyl hydrate is better but burns smokeless and clear/invisible. (not good for photos)




1. Pour in your fuel, fill it under halfway and let it sit for 10 seconds.

2. Now light it right in the centre. (I prefer a long-necked lighter)

3. The middle flame should die down and the jets should start to light up in 15 seconds.

Step 10: End Results

Burn time with 30cc of fuel - 5 min (More time with More fuel. )

Boil time with 30cc of fuel (1 cup ) -1:30min

Types of fuel you can use. (that burn fairly clean)-

Denatured alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol


Methyl hydrate

Pure methanol

Heet (yellow bottle)

Huel line antifreeze

Happy camping,survival and cookouts!


(This is my first intractable so feel free to comment with suggestions or pictures of your soda can stove.)

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