Introduction: Sided Childrens Apron

This apron can be worn on 2 sides!

Step 1: Pattern Pdf

Print the pattern and paste it together

Cut one site in a boy fabric and one site in a girl fabric.

Cut two pieces of the hart and two for the pocket.

Step 2: The Hart Pocket

Place a layer of fiberfill between the two layers of the heart.

And sew the two pieces together.

Step 3: Girl Side Pocket

Sew the pocket on the apron, but leave the top open

Step 4: Boy's Pocket

Place the right sides of the pocket pieces together and sew them but leave an opening at the top.

Trim the corners diagonally.

Step 5: Turn the Pocket

Press the seam flat and sew the bag around narrow on the side

Step 6: Sew the Pocket on the Apron

Leave the top open

Step 7: Straps

Press the straps in half with the right side of the fabric together. and stitch them shut, let one short side open for turning the straps.

Cut corners diagonally and turn the straps right side of the fabric to the outside.

Press the straps flat and sew them narrow on the side through.

Do this also with the loop.

Step 8: Put It All Together

Lay the apron pieces right sides of the fabric together with the straps between them.

Stitch the apron pieces together but leave the top open.

Step 9: Curves

Cut small triangles away from the curve and turn the apron with the right side of the fabric to the outside.

Fold at the top the seam allowance inside and press all seams flat.

Step 10: Finish

Put the neck strap with the d-ring between the apron and stitch the apron narrow on the side.

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