Introduction: Sideview Mirror Repair

While driving, a protruding tree branch smashed into my side mirror breaking the glass. The car dealers only sell the entire mirror unit for about $250. So, I found just the glass portion online for about $30 and decided to do the replacement myself using Sugru.

Step 1: Remove Old Glass

First, exercise caution in removing the old glass. You will likely have to break and pry the old shards off so gloves would be advised. This is the toughest part but it is important to get all of the pieces off of the mirror housing

Step 2: Apply Sugru

Place your new mirror glass upside down on a perfectly flat surface and gently but firmly apply the Sugru to the backside of the mirror. try to make each piece of Sugru the same thickness. One way to do this is to lay a piece of Wax paper over the mirror with the sugru and take a large flat item like a hard-cover book an gently press down. When you remove the wax paper, the Sugru will be of uniform thickness on the back of the mirror.

Step 3: Position New Glass

Position the new mirror glass in the mirror housing and use even pressure on all sides and center to press the glass in place. Push firmly but not too much pressuse as you do not want to break the new glass.

Once the glass is in place, cover the unit with plastic for 24 hours to prevent rain or other elements from affecting your repair.