Introduction: Sieves From 5 Gal Plastic Buckets

We have been using sieves made from buckets for a number of years in studies of intertidal area and in soil analysis.

Five gallon plastic pails are stackable. The taper of the bucket means that a band from the lower part of the pail has a smaller diameter than further up the bucket.

These sieves may be used in many ways. A fine sieve made from silk screen material can be used for collecting aquatic invertebrates. Or they can be used in making jams, just don’t use them for both.

Step 1: Cut the Bucket

Cut the bottom of the bucket. Scribe the bucket near the bottom. The bucket can be cut with a saber saw or hand saw.

Cut a band about 4 inched wide around the bucket.

Cut the next band about 6 inches further up the bucket.

Step 2: Add Mesh

Cut the mesh or sieve material about an inch larger than the diameter of the band.

Cut wedges out of the mesh then fold the mesh over the edge of the smaller band.

Insert the small band with the mesh into the larger band.

Tap the band down until it will go no further. This will tighten and secure the mesh.

Staple between the two bands.