Introduction: Sig Sauer MPX Copperhead Pistol Stand

I designed this stand for the Sig Sauer MPX Copperhead pistol with 20rd magazine, but it should also hold an MPX K. It is not tall enough to hold the pistol with a 30rd magazine inserted.


3D printer with at build volume of at least 250 x 250 x 200 mm, capable of printing accurately enough for 0.2mm tolerances.

Approximately 305 grams of PLA

Hammer and drift punch

Optional: spray paint and clear coat

Step 1: Recommended Print Settings

Layer height: 0.2mm

Wall thickness: 0.6mm

Walls: 3

Bottom layers: 3

Top layers 3

Infill density: 10%

Infill pattern: Cubic

Supports: Yes

Support overhang angle: 45

Build plate adhesion type: Skirt

Step 2: Post Processing

The supports can be easily removed from the right and left parts from under the stands and under the pins on the base, but the supports inside the dovetails on the center of the base will need to be removed with a hammer and drift punch.

First, press inwards along the upper and lower edges of the supports inside the dovetails on both sides to separate them from the base, then, use the drift punch to remove them.

Once the supports are removed from the dovetails, the right and left sides can be attached to the center by sliding the pins into the dovetails. The fit will be tight, so you may need to use a hammer to tap the pieces into place. If you do, place a piece of rubber or dense foam under the parts and on top of the part where you are hammering to protect the surface.