Sign Tree for Twin 5 Year Olds Neverland Birthday Party Out of Old Wood




Introduction: Sign Tree for Twin 5 Year Olds Neverland Birthday Party Out of Old Wood

My daughter came across a sign with all sorts of cool references to old books.  Asked me if I could make one for her twins' birthday party that was themed for Neverland.  This is what I came up with.  We live where you can just walk out in the desert and pick up old wood, so my husband and I took the dogs and collected the wood and I painted it with iIridescent water color paint I got from Amazon.   Some colors I kind of mixed over one another sporadically just for the affect. Then did a coat of clear indoor/outdoor enamel.  Next I used both the overhead projector to draw words on the boards or used the sheets that I made for the projector and cut them up and glued them directly on the wood with modge podge over the top and on the bottom to attach them.  Then one more coat of enamel.  Attached to long piece of wood with a small nail gun so the nails didn't even show.  The kids loved it and mom is going to create a reading corner with the sign.  Of course I had to add a Grammy and Pappa sign so they knew where to come if they need anything!

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    What a fun idea! I'm not sure I can read the top and the bottom ones, what do they say?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the poor quality picture. We took it during the birthday party. The top one says Wonderland with a pic of the Cheshire Cat next to it; the bottom on is Radiator Springs.