Introduction: Signwriting

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I am still a beginner at this.

Basically make sure your surface is clean. and bet yourself some acrylic marker pens, or acrylic paint pens. These make it easier if you are better at drawing than painting.

My inspiration is from carnival and fair rides.

Hope you enjoy and get to have fun doing this.


Acrylic Paint Pens

A good clean surface.

Step 1: Get an Outline Down

Using Acrylic Paint Pens get your outline down.

This is the base and start of your creation. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 2: Put Your Shadows In

Add some black shadows to start giving your text a bit of depth.

It doesn't take much. Just make sure each letter has the shadow on the same side.

Step 3: Throw in Some Colour

Get some colour in there and get a little creative.

You can do two colours with little dots in the middle. Something sharper, it's up to you.

Step 4: Finish Off

Finish it off in your way.

Do some linework and text on the handle.

Have fun with it.