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This is my first instructable, so wish me luck. c:

Basically, this is how to make all of the components of a Silent Hill nurse costume; so that includes shoes, tights, dress, mask, hat, and makeup.

Anyway, I did this for Halloween 2008 (sorry this is so late..:( ), and it was a great success. Everyone seemed to love it, but I remember looking everywhere for help on how to do this. I wound up having next to no luck, and figured that I may as well make an instructable to help others with the task, cause it's not an uncommon costume.

Also..leave yourself a bit of time for this. I somehow managed to complete it in three days (once I got the pattern in the mail), but if you want to do a fantastic job, I'd take more time on it. It didn't come out as well as I'd expected, unfortunately. Additionally, I apologize for lack of step by step pictures, and the fact that the the pictures are so low quality..I don't have a real camera besides that on my cell phone. I decided to make this once I was well done with it, so next time I submit something it'll be better, I promise. Either way, here goes. :)

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
-Shirt Dress pattern (most will do, just try to get one similar to the costume. You'll be shortening it after. I used McCalls M4769)
-1 Yard of White or Off-White linen & all the fixin's..buttons or velcro, thread, etc. (I wouldn't place any bets on the amount of fabric used, cause I reused a costume I previously made. Just follow what's on the pattern for your size, and a little extra for the hat.)
-Plaster Strips
-A Plastic Bag
-White & Clear spray paint (Optional..but you can get 'em at cheapie stores for a buck apiece.)
-Acrylic Paints (brown, light brown, dark green, black, and red)
-Fake blood (Also optional, but very useful. Only downside is if it dries on your fabric it tends to look a little pinker than one would like)
-White tights
-Old pantyhose or knee high..something like that.
-White high heels or flats (since I did the costume last minute I'm afraid I didn't have a chance to get a pair of heels I didn't mind messing up..I'm sad about it. :c )
-Paintbrushes & Newspaper
-An outfit you don't mind screwing up in the process

Step 2: Dress & Hat

Sewing patterns are fairly straightforward, so just follow the instructions for your size as far as the dress is concerned. Cut out the pattern, pin it, cut out your pieces, unpin, pin pieces together, sew, lather, rinse, get the picture. If you have the time and patience (which I most certainly DO NOT), you can choose to handsew it. However, if you've lazy and/or cramming for time, like yours truly, just sew it by machine. Much faster and easier.

Once complete with the dress, put it on, and mark how short you'd like it to be. Simply trim need to hem, it's not like this is going on project runway..could you imagine?

The hat isn't as simple as the dress. This was the one component of the costume that I had outside help from: I found this website. (this link is the pattern)

It's very clear, just don't starch it or make it out of cardboard like the website suggests.

Boil a big pit of water, and put about five teabags in it. I used earl grey, don't use anything fruity or you might not get the color you're looking for. Put the dress, hat, and white tights into it for about five minutes. Take them out and hang them to dry.

Once your done with that..onto the mask!

Step 3: The Mask

Defenitely the most time costuming step. I made it in an odd way, but it worked out spectacularly. Put the plastic bag over your head, and quickly mark with a sharpie where your eyes and mouth are. Remove the bag, and cut out small enough holes so you can see and breathe, but not too small..for obvious reasons. Anyway, put the bag back on your head, and go crazy with the plaster strips. I did about three or four layers, and make the last layer kind of chunky. Make sure you go over the top of your head, but not so far back that you won't be able to get it off in one piece. Try and make it so you still have the eye and mouth holes open, but slightly concealed. Paint will help with this effect, plus once it's on your face it'll look better. Carefully remove the mask, and place it over an overturned bowl or something of the sort to help it keep it's shape while it's wet and sorta flimsy.

Once dry, water down some light brown paint and go over the entire thing once, and then use the dark brown, black, and red (slightly watered down, not nearly as much as the one your used all over) and do detailing. Making it darker by the eyes and mouth helps to conceal the fact that they're there.

Once this is dry, get the old pantyhose. Cut out two 2" x 2" squares, and superglue them over the eyes..this also helps to conceal them when the mask is on your face.

Lastly, go over the entire thing (inside and out) with the clear spray paint a few times. I believe I did three layers total.

Step 4: Shoes

I reaaaally wish I could have had heels for this, but I had an old pair of flats that were near dead anyway, so I used them instead.

Not a huge step, just spray paint the shoes you plan to use with the white, I did about four layers since these started out black. Do the same type of procedure you did with the mask with these, like the watered down brown first, then the detailing paint. Just kinda go all over, it doesn't need to look perfect.

Step 5: Destruction!

Go in the bathtub in an outfit you don't mind screwing up. It might not even be permanent, but I didn't want to risk it. Lay your dress, hat, and tights flat. I crumpled up newspaper, dipped it in paints, and started going to town over the dress, just smear here, wipe here, water down and splatter over's pretty easy. Just make sure to get it all over! Flip your pieces when you're done with one side, and don't forget the back; I almost did.

When you're done, just hang these babies on a hanger and wait for them to air dry..I wouldn't put them in the dryer if I were'd get paint and fake blood everywhere.

When the hat is dry, put the mask on and arrange the hat how you'd like on the mask. Superglue that in place, and you're good to go.

Step 6: Finalizing

As far as finishing up goes, just put on your tights, shoes, dress & mask, and pour some of the fake blood into a cup. Grab a spoon and drizzle and smear it over your body, so it looks fresh when you'll be wearing it.

Now go scare the ickle childrens and show your silent hill pride. :D
Only downside is you get a bit iffy from the fumes inside the can get to you after a while.
It's alllll good.

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