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Introduction: Silent Hill Nurse Mask

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This is my version of the silent hill nurse mask. I took some inspiration from HAAARICA on instructables, 2DayWithPatrickJ, Stra Wifen, and Emma Cussen, all on youtube. I should warn you now that I probably explain WAY too much, and this is my first time doing anything like this, so I messed up a whole lot. I really hope you gain some inspiration from this and make your own version!

**The mask is still unfinished in this image! I won't be touching on the hat part just yet - I decided I will create a separate instructable for that. I will include images of the finished product later.

Step 1: Supplies~

For this mask I used all of the following:

1. A mannequin head. I have no idea how much these cost because I already had one lying around. I presume they're pretty cheap.
   *** Another option is to use your own head, like HAAARICA did.

2. Newspaper (optional)

3. Plastic bags (We will be placing these over the mannequin head)

4. Plaster Strips - $4.99 at Michael's. I suggest 3 rolls.

5. Gauze - $1.50 at Walmart. 3 to 4 rolls.

6. Latex Rubber. I got liquid latex from Spirit's online store for $11.99 (almost $20 after shipping and taxes), but it was too watery and I ran out pretty quickly.

7. Fake blood. I got this one specifically from Spirit for $6.99, but for a small project like this you can just use corn starch and red food coloring or a cheap tube of fake blood.

8. Scissors, sharpie, Scotch tape.

9. Paint brushes, sponges, and scrapers. Got this all from Harbor Freight Tools for about $8 not including my employee discount. These can also be found at just about any tool or craft store.

10. A shirt you don't care about.

11. Some sort of tupperware container or bowl to dip the plaster in and clean brushes in.

12. small plate or lid for liquid latex.

13. Acrylic paints in black, brown, and white. (I included green in the image because I used the same picture from my nail tutorial)

Step 2: Setting Up the Head

Female mannequin heads are usually smaller than our own, so if you have the option, I would suggest getting a male head instead. If you do, however, have the female head, you can just layer stuff on top of it to increase the size and create the desired shape.

I started by wrapping newspaper around the head and using Scotch tape to hold it in place. I then pulled a plastic bag over the head, and created a more grotesque look by balling up two plastic bags and sticking them in the back of the head, between the newspaper and the plastic bag I pulled over the head.

I WAS going to cut the leg off a pair of panty hose and pull it over the head to hold everything together, but I purchased medium panty hose and they ended up being too small to stretch over the head. I definitely suggest including the panty hose because they keep the plaster from falling into your eyes and mouth when wearing the mask.

Finally, I marked where my eye would be so I could leave an opening.

Step 3: Go Crazy With Plaster Strips!

I decided to cut several lengths of this plaster cloth, and then cut each length in half hotdog style to add more texture.

When applying the plaster, all you have to do is dip a piece in warm water and then lay it onto your mold. It's really simple and dries within hours. I wasn't following any sort of pattern - I just put strips where I thought they looked good.

I suggest keeping a little extra on the side to create the hat - this was my original intention, but I ran out more quickly than I thought I would. Attaching the hat to your mask helps it to keep from falling off, and makes your outfit look more awesome. I had to get kinda crafty with this part, so I will upload a separate tutorial for the mask.

Step 4: Gross Stuff

For a personal effect, I dried some strips of liquid latex and put them around the eye hole before applying the gauze.

This is also where I added some fake blood. I tried to make it look like it was seeping out from behind the gauze. I applied it with a small paint brush.

Step 5: Gauze It Up!

I tried to apply the gauze in the same pattern that I laid the plaster strips. I held it down with the liquid latex, which acts as a glue, and creates a gross texture and yellow-ish color when it dries. There are several methods you can use to do this part.

1. Lay down a single strip of gauze and paint the latex over it with a sponge brush.

2. Dip a strip of gauze in the latex, ring it out, and then lay it on the mask.

3. Lay all the gauze down and then apply a thick coat of latex over the entire mask.

Whichever you choose to do, it all turns out the same. 

(I really highly suggest wearing latex gloves for this part - liquid latex is messy!)

Step 6: Time to Paint~

First, I mixed brown and white to make a dirt color that I applied in random blotches all over the mask with a small paintbrush.

Then, I used a sponge brush to blot some watered down black in random spots as well.

I repeated these two steps with different shades and consistencies until there was virtually no white showing on the mask.

Finally, I took one of my 2" paint brushes and cut it down at an angle, soaked it in water, and used it to "airbrush" some brown and black onto the entire mask to cover any missed spots.

This part is stupidly messy!

Step 7: Tips and Stuff

* I really think my mask would have come out better if I had applied it on my own head. Try that if possible.
* I had to cut a slit up the back of the mask because I wrapped the plaster too tightly around the base of the mask. That was no fun.
* This takes time! I did this all within about a week.
* Try to get all your supplies at once. I had to make about 4 trips back and forth to the store because I kept forgetting/running out of things d:
* The sooner you start this, the better. If I'd had more time I think this would've turned out much better. I will try again another year.
* Do NOT get all of your ideas from one tutorial! I had multiple inspirations for this for a reason.
* Play with it a little. There are several versions of the Silent Hill Nurse. This one's just my personal favorite.

Hope you enjoyed!

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