Introduction: Silent Knex Pistol

About: AKA Roborovski, and Cowscankill for several years. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad.
UPDATE! I plan on making an entire series of silent guns! I have mad a sniper, shotgun, and I even found a way to make a silent machine gun! :D Be sure to look out for these guns!

This is a silent pistol I invented. It is also my first knex gun, true trigger. It also uses few pieces.

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This video is a review by Tombuckey. Thanks Tom!

Step 1: Barrel

Build this thang. whipow!

Step 2: Handle

This is a bit harder than the barrel.

Step 3: Trigger

this is my trigger, similar to mepain's, but i did not copy him at all.

Step 4: Barrel

umm... this is the real barrel with the block.

Step 5: Connections

connect the parts

Step 6: Mods and Safety

This is a rubberband catch (you'll see why)(pic.1)

modded barrel (pic.7)

Here's an optional safety (SUGGESTED, I always bump the trigger)(pic.13)

trigger fix, helps when you pull the trigger(pic.16)

new mod for those of you without enough hinges, provided by ninjamaster(pic.17)

Cheesehead also made this mod and comment : I made a really nice mod that allows you to pull back the trigger easier.... instead of attaching the trigger to the blue rod with tan pieces on it attach the end to the other blue rod on the opposite side. just take off the black connector that doesnt do anything and snap it there. I call it "slick and unstable" beacause thats what it is. but it helps a lot. also i always use 2 rubberband without the band catcher so i can aim. I attach my trigger's rubberband onto the end of the gun on the two bottom yellow rods. Hope this helps... (pic. 18 + 19)

Step 7: Rubberbands

here they go!

Step 8: FIRE in ZE HoLe!

firing and shooting! whoo! read the pictures!

If someone builds and makes a youtube or metacafe video, i'll Embed it.
Like I said, this is a silent pistol.
good bye, enjoy it.