Silent Steambox Gaming PC

Introduction: Silent Steambox Gaming PC

List of components
CPU Intel I3 (35W) or I5 (45W) CPU - depending on budget

Motherboard ASUS H81I-PLUS

RAM Corsair Vengeance LP Black 16GB DDR3 1866MHz (any 1.35V DDR3)

SSD Samsung 840 EVO (any low power SSD) GPU Zotac Nvidia GTX750 TI (any GTX750 TI)

PSU NANO150 PSU (you can remove PSU compartment from case and have better cooling)

Case Silverstone SST-ML07B Gaming (any case that has 2 slotsfor GPU)


CPU Scythe Kozuti (don't forget to remove stock fan)

VGA Deepcool V4600 (don't forget to remove stock fan)

Fan 3xNoiseBlocker NB-eLoop B12-1 (inaudible at 10 cm from case)


Microsoft Keyboard

Microsoft Xbox Gamepad

Operating System

OS Steam OS (free os)

Windows 8.1 (more games)

Goal reached <150W usage on full load

Step 1:

Pico PSU can replace a normal SFF 300W PSU (removing PSU cage makes room for better cooling)


- 2 coolers beneath GFX

- 1 cooler on top case cover to cool CPU

Step 2: Replace Stock GPU Cooler

passive cooler fits on GTX750TI wholes and there is no need to modify the board

Case Fans take care of keeping cool GPU without noise

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have some questions:

    The processor model, PSU model, and temperatures from VGA and CPU while gaming and watching movies.

    This is a very good instructable. I live in Brazil, and every time I see a silent computer that use passive cooler, I think that everything will melt here in my city, cause the weather here is terribly hot. But this one is almost passive, extremely quiet and seems to maintain great temperatures.

    This is a simple idea, but the results are excelent!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    cpu is 35W i3 - ~45C (it has 1 12cm fans at 500 RPM mounted on case)

    GPU750TI-~60C(it had 2 12cm fans at 500 RPM mounted on case)

    for initial design

    GPU960 - ~80C (it has 2 12cm fans at 500 RPM mounted on case)

    for upgraded design


    7 years ago

    how does the Xbox controller work? PC receiver?