Silicone Case for Apple Tv




Introduction: Silicone Case for Apple Tv

Hopefully i wont miss a step for you guys!

Step 1: Take Iphone 4 Silicone Case

Take an old or new case not being used. Recycle it.

Cut into half lengthwise

Step 2: Bore a Hole

As shown in the photo cut using case knife of kitchen knife & chopping board. The way is to point the sharp tip of the knofe and press hard til it cuts.

Step 3: Using Scissor

Follow the shape of the second part. Make sure you used a marker to mark where is the hole.. you will need the actual remote control to measure.
Put both portions overlapping to each other then mark two "c" marks using a pen.

Then cut it carefully. Carefulwith your hands.

Step 4: Final Step

This is to attach the 2 pieces together by folding a tip of the part inserting to the hole created.

Now you can fit the remote in.

Designed to be able to charge and use the tap area comfortably.
There is nothing blocking the infrared part of the remote too.


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    2 years ago

    I 3D printed a fairly similar looking case a while back and since then have made different attachments for it. Oddly it really helps keep the remote out of the couch. I would send pictures but I don't have any on this computer.


    5 years ago

    This is a clever idea! Great way to reuse an old phone case. Thanks! :)