Introduction: Silicone Tape Charger Fix

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This is a super quick instructable for fixing, or preventing your charging cables from getting broken (when you are hard on them like I am).

Silicone Tape is Awesome

Silicone tape is the new Duct Tape. (and the new Sugru!)

I carry a roll around with me everywhere, and wanted to share a quick instructable I'm making while just sitting in the airport and fixing my charging cable. Silicone tape adds rubbery, strong, waterproof, compressive attachments to many of your items. It is non-sticky, and bonds to itself into a solid chunk of material (That's easy to remove if you need to!).

You can also use it for many things that people often go seeking out Sugru for.

For instance, just some advantages of silicone tape over sugru:

  • Super cheap! Costly only $4.50 (Amazon)!
  • No mess! There's no cure time, no weird smells, no waiting!
  • Add Tension. Unlike Sugru, you can adjust how tightly your rubbery fit is!
  • No Expiration date! This is the most frustrating thing for me about Sugru, it goes bad sitting in your drawer after just a couple of months. I've had silicone tape for years!

Step 1: Cut and Wrap

Buy some tape!

Cut about 20cm of tape.

wrap it somewhat loosely at first.

then pull it nice and taught and finish wrapping the rest.

If your cable is already broken and needs tension or a certain bend in order to work, you can add the bend and seal the wire in place with another wrap!

Step 2: Reinforce Other Parts

That part coming out of the adapter box is where the wire almost always breaks in these mac chargers. Go ahead and reinforce it right away!

That's it!

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