Introduction: Silicone Tube Hidey Hole

This is a super simple but effective little hidey hole using things that you probably already have around the place. This hidey hole blends in well and can be concealed easily in your shed/garage, making it great for concealing spare keys.

Step 1: Step 1: What You'll Need.

All you need is an empty caulking tube, an inner tube and some cord.

Caulking Tube: I've use a filler tube but you could also use a silicone or adhesive tube. The tube needs to be empty. If you don't have an empty one lying around simply place your tube in your caulking gun and depress to empty the contents of the tube.

Inner Tube: This tube needs to fit snugly inside the caulking tube. I used some packaging that a perfume bottle was packed in. You could use something similar or could use an old piece of piping, golf ball cylinder, mail cylinder etc.

Cord: You'll need about 15cm of cord. You'll want it to be reasonably strong as you'll be pulling on it.

Step 2: Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is quite simple:

1. Pierce a small hole in the centre of your inner tube.

2. Thread your cord through the hole and tie and knot in the end so it won't come out.

3. Insert the inner tube in the caulking tube and tuck the cord in.

Step 3: Step 3: Conceal

Place your Silicone Tube Hidey Hole in a place that looks natural. Place it with similar items or like tools so it doesn't look out of place. I placed mine in my silicone tube holder amongst my other tubes. It blends in so much that I often pick it up to use, forgetting that it's my hidey hole!

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