Silk Thread Valentine's Card




Introduction: Silk Thread Valentine's Card

for this valentines day, i have attempted this silk thread card

for making it we need
silk thread
small needle
card (preferably thick)

Step 1:

open card
on the back side of front view/side draw 2 small circles (approx 4cm in diameter)
draw an inclined vertical line to divide the circle in 2 semicircles
do the same with another circle
now on that diameter including the end points draw 13 points (refer photo)
and on both semicircles circumference draw 24-24 points (excluding end points of diameter)
please refer photos
do the same with 2ns circle
use needle and punch every point using needle

Step 2:

take silk thread (size as per your comfort- so as to avoid tangling)
tie a knot at one end
pass another end through needle

Step 3:

take needle from one end point of diameter (bottom end point) say 1 and pass the needle through the 1st point on semicircle's circumference (top side excluding end point of diameter) say 1'...  refer photo
then take out needle from 2' and pass through point 2
then take needle from 3 and pass through point 3'
then take needle through 4' and pass through 4
continue this process
after taking needle through 13 and passing through 13'.. take needle out from 14' and pass through 1'
then take needle through 2' and pass through 15'
then through 16' and pass it from 3'
continue this procedure until thread reaches to point 1 back again

Step 4:

once u have reached to the point 1 again.. take the needle back through point 25' and pass it through 14'
then take needle through 15' and pass through 24'
then tie knot at the back side (make proper knot or else seal knot using tape)

Step 5:

now repeat the same procedure on remaining semicircles
and our design is ready :)


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17 Discussions


3 years ago

This looks great! But how am I supposed to keep the distance between the holes consistent?


Reply 3 years ago

try to keep the distance roughly same, I do the same. or roughly divide circle into 4/8 parts and then put dots, those partitions may act as guidelines to have equal holes. I hope I'm able to convey whàt I'm trying to say, excuse me because English is my second language.


6 years ago

WoW, this looks great!


6 years ago on Introduction

so creative..!! i like the way you explained every step so well..!! :)