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Introduction: Silky Soft Star

This Instructable was inspired by my first son and my granddaughter. When my son was little, he loved the smooth edge of the blanket--the binding. Many years later, when I made a baby quilt with my granddaughter, she asked, "Where is the silky part?" as we gathered the materials. So, the primary part of this soft toy is blanket binding. Its silky edges can easily be grasped, and the "face," with sun and moon, made from an old t-shirt, adds softness.

Step 1: Materials...

The blanket binding comes in many colors. I chose the multicolored one because of the theme of stars, sun and moon. The batting was left over from another project, and the "rope" was from the fabric store. I used an old t-shirt for the "faces" and a piece of more substantial material [cotton duck] for the inside. There is also a small amount of ribbon to hold the binding in place.

Step 2: Stitch Up the Binding.

Using a zipper foot on the machine --or sewing by hand--stitch the "rope" into the center of the binding, folding both sides down toward the center. Then, hand stitch the binding to enclose the "rope" tightly. Each arm of the star measures about 8 inches, so the total "rope" should be about 42 inches.

Step 3: Adding "rope" to the Disc...

After cutting the heavier fabric disc--an 8 1/2 inch circle, I added small grosgrain ribbon "tabs" to hold the binding rope in place. The points on the circle are at 72 degrees, or on the outer edge, about every 4 1/4 inches. [Math is not my strong suit, so these aren't perfect!] Each "arm" is about 8 inches from one center of the ribbon to the next. Sew holders in place, and turn ropes to inside. Seam allowance is 1/2 inch all around.

Step 4: Adding the Sun, Moon and Stars to the T-shirt Circles.

From the t-shirt fabric, I cut two circles, about 9 inches in diameter--slightly larger than the duck fabric circle. I pressed the blanket binding open, and fused the binding for stability. Then, I cut out sun, moon, and star shapes to applique to the t-shirt circles. The sun and moon are on one "face," and the stars are on the other.

Step 5: Stuffing the Circle.

I cut about six layers of batting [three per side of the cotton duck layer.] Then, I pinned the front and back sides of the t-shirt fabric over the batting and the interior duck circle, turning the edges of all circles to the inside. I hand stitched the two outer layers together, making sure the ribbon holders were outside the circle.

Step 6: Finishing...

After sewing the entire disc together, the stars are on one side, the sun and moon on the other. I'm hoping this will be a good introduction to "space" for my new grandson, now nine weeks old.

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    6 years ago

    That's a great sensory toy!