Silla Marimba 3.0 (Plywood CNC)

Introduction: Silla Marimba 3.0 (Plywood CNC)

About: Arquitecto y creador independiente

Marimba 3.0 es una silla de brazos cortos que funciona como silla de estudio y comedor, fue pensada para que 2 unidades sean cortadas con una lamina de plywood (3/4"x4"x8') y ensamblada sin pega.

En los archivos encontrarán los dibujos de corte DXF, un archivo GIF con instrucciones para ensamblarla y un modelo 3D en formato SKP. Les recomiendo contactar con el FABLAB o taller de madera más cercano en su localidad para cortar las piezas. Gracias por confiar en mi producto.


Marimba 3.0 is a chair with short arms that works as a study chair and dining, it was designed to fits 2 units in one sheet of plywood (3/4 "x4" x8 ') and assembled without glue. Please find attached DXF, GIF files with assembly instructions and an 3D model in SKP format.

To cut the parts find the closest FABLAB or wood workshop in your area. Thank you for your support.


Step 1:

    • Find the nearest FABLAB or CNC router services in your town.
    • Before you start building your Marimba Chair you should make sure all the plywood edges are very well sand.
    • With the a rubber hammer assemble the pieces according with the sequential diagram. Seal the material with your favorite plywood protector.
    • Enjoy it :)

    Step 2:

    Step 3: FInish

    Apply your favorite protective coating for the plywood.

    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    Step 6:

    Step 7:

    Step 8:

    Step 9:

    Step 10:

    Step 11:

    Step 12:

    Step 13:

    Step 14:

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      12 months ago

      hello, I want to try to make this chair but i cant find the attached dxf file. can you send the file to my email ( ). thank you in advance.


      Reply 2 years ago

      Thank you :)