Silly Glasses With Zotebook

Introduction: Silly Glasses With Zotebook

Use the Zotebook app to design your own custom silly glasses, then cut them out on a laser or craft cutter.

Step 1: What You Need:

  • iPad with the Zotebook app (get the free Zotebook app from the iTunes store, upgrade to print at
  • Cardboard or construction paper
  • A laser cutter or craft cutter (I am using a Silhouette Cameo)

Step 2: Open Up Zotebook and Start Drawing

The Zotebook app is designed for you to dive right in.

The help button at the bottom has lots of short videos to help you along.

Or for a quick tutorial check out:

The first step for the glasses is to make a box. Use the right angle gesture to straighten it up!

Step 3: Now Add Eyes

Make circles for the eyes, and just drag into the box to cut out, or draw the circle in the box.

Step 4: Add the Arms of the Glasses

The arms don't have to be perfect.

Step 5: Use Recurve for a Nose Bump

Recurve is a fun gestures in Zotebook, use it to make a space for your nose.

Step 6: Add Other Fun Shapes

Silly glasses are a great way to try out the different gestures in Zotebook.

See what you can come up with.

Step 7: Antlers Are Especially Fun

Step 8: Ready to Cut?

Go to to cut out your glasses (check you are ready to print by scaling and naming your design).

Go to "Fabricate" to get a pdf file for a laser cutter or,

Choose SVG from the "Sketches" Menu to use the craft cutter.

It's easy to drag the SVG file directly from to the Silhouette interface.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Silly Glasses

Step 10: Thanks Mike

This project was an idea from Mike, a terrific (and mysterious) engineering student in Colorado.

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