Introduction: Silly Solutions - Desk Light/fan

Hello, Welcome to my Mashup. My name is Sasha and I am 8 years old

I go to Tinker studios in Greenwich.

This design is a desk light with a fan attached to it for various reasons: Save desk space, to allow us to see at night as well as to keep us cool during the day.

Step 1: Finding the Fan

I went to the gallery and searched propeller and found the one I liked. Then, I copied and tinkered it for my design. Then, I searched up ring to use for the shell of my fan then I aligned and scaled the ring to fit the fan

Step 2: Making the Stand

I Made the stand by using the cylinder and stretched it to make it longer and then I got the cone and aligned it at the top and then I grouped them both.

For the base of the stand, I got another cylinder and I changed its shape to make it match the design of the fan.

Step 3: The Lightbulb

I searched up lightbulb and copied and tinkered the one I liked and I had to align it with the middle of the propeller. When I did that I changed their colours to suitable colours for them and then I grouped everything together.

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