Introduction: Silly Solutions - Table With a Space for a Removable Bag of Sharpenings.

This table is an extremely simple piece of furniture which has a main concept: Being able to have an inbuilt bin. There is a hole which allows a bag (such as a sandwich bag) be placed underneath. The bag can then be easily disposed of and another can be added. Essentially, this is the USP. It is also quite aesthetically pleasing which is a nice addition. This is in 1:10 scale


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Step 1: The Chair Legs.

Start by getting a cylinder, of diameter 3 mm. Bring it up to a height of 85 mm. Use the rotator and rotate it 30 degrees clockwise/anticlockwise (vertically). Use the mirror tool and copy it once, and then again so that you end up with figure 4. Finally, change the colour and flatten the top with a cuboid hole.

Step 2: The Tabletop

Get a cuboid, I used the following dimensions, although you can change it if you want: 72x45x2mm. Inside this, I placed a hole for the back. This can be any size, but it must fit the following:

  1. Be able to fit a bag
  2. Leave enough room for work
  3. Be big enough to let sharpenings and rubber through

Finally, flatten the legs with another hole.

Step 3: The Finished Product

A great idea which can be useful in many ways. An idea that I thought of just at this moment, is that there is a reusable bag that is attached with velcro. This is an extremely useful feature and solves an important problem for people: clutter.

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