Introduction: Silly Solutions to Daily Life Problems

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Although I'm not a teacher, I'm an elder sister who teaches my siblings about many things. That means I'm a homeschooling parent.

Assignment outline :

I teach my siblings and cousins about Tinkercad, and ask them to use their creativity to solve some daily life problems, Which they face often.

Silly Solutions I got from them:

They come with very unique and silly solutions to silly problems they face.

Those are:

  1. Carry Bag Holder
  2. Pen-Pencil Platform Holder

Here I'm going to Provide basic ideas behind these solutions and some images of the same along with the 3D model.


You will need:

A web browser which supports Tinkercad (such as Chrome)A free Tinkecad account

Step 1: Carry Bag Holder

It often happens that we go out for shipping and when we buy many things each item has a carry bag to carry it, usually it's made of plastic. And we face the problem of holding that many (say 3-4 or more) bags with our two hands. And it's also painful for us.

To solve this silly problem he comes up with a silly solution: the carry bag holder. Although many designs are available in the market for such a product they are painful for hands due to sharp edges of holding rod. Also, many of them are costly, so he thought of making my own design which he can 3D print easily. In his design, he purposely makes the holding rod smooth and edgeless to reduce the pain factor.

Here is the 3D model of Carry Bag Holder:

Step 2: Pen-Pencil Platform Holder

We use a pen/pencil holder to keep our pen/pencil at a proper place while we studying or working. Hence pen holder is a very important accessory to use while your studying or working.
But it's not convenient to carry a bulky pen/pencil holder to your school. Also, it often happens in a school that your studying and the pen fall down to the floor, and other such situations are common in school.

To solve these silly problems, one of my siblings try to make an easy to carry and convenient pen/pencil holder.

We can carry this in our school bag just like a scale, and while studying we can rest our pen or pencil on this.

The 3D model which my sibling designed, I have uploaded it to my tinkered account and providing it here:

I hope you like it and make it! Thanks!

Step 3: Bookmarks

While we reading, to mark a page we use bookmarks. These bookmarks are very helpful as it allows us to return to the page we want. Often these bookmarks are made up of paper or ribbon. The silly problem we often get here is that after some use these bookmarks shred.

to solve this problem my sibling designs a 3D model in tinker cad, so that we can 3D print it and use it as a long-lasting bookmark.

The 3D model which my sibling designed, I have uploaded it to my tinkered account and providing it here:

I hope you like it and make it! Thanks!

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