Introduction: Silly Spider Hat

The easiest and silliest hat you can make!!!
All you need for this DIY Silly Spider Hat is :
Black paper
White paper
A pair of scissors
A pencil (or you can use a black marker)

Step 1: The Spider’s Body

Cut a stripe of black paper the size of your head. If you don’t have paper that long, you can cut two stripes and glue them together like I did.

Step 2: The Silly Legs

For the spider’s legs, you need to cut 8 stripes of black paper. They have to be thinner than the body. The longer the stripes, the better!
Next, wrap the first stripe around the scissors. Keep it like that for about 10 seconds. Don’t press on the paper too much!!!
Then, slide it off the scissors and shake it a little, so it’s not too tight. Do the same with the 7 other spider-legs.

Step 3: The Final Step 😆🕷

Stick your legs onto the body of the spider (from the inner part).
Next, cut circles of white paper and draw eyes onto them with your pencil (marker).
Glue the eyes on the body.
Your Silly Spider hat is complete and ready to wear!!!

PS : This instructable is an entry in the Silly Hat Contest, so don’t forget to vote!

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