Introduction: Silver Arrow K'nex Rifle

Ok, so I made this gun god knows how long ago and I finally decided to make instructions for it. I decided it was time to stop being lazy and post it, another reason was due to the sudden lack of un-interesting and innovative guns, in my opinion this is probably the best shell ejecting rifle on 'ibles, at least one that has been posted...

Credit goes to TheDunkis for the shell - ejection system

In the picture the bi-pod is on the front, but in the instructions it is on the bottom of the barrel.

Although shell guns are not the fastest to load, the provide you with a realistic and good time.

Thank you IaC for the name.

Feel free to post a picture of what yours looks like :)

Step 1: The Chamber and Others

Step 2: Barrel

Step 3: Support

Step 4: Aesthetics

Step 5: Stock

Step 6: Bi-Pod

Step 7: Magazine

Step 8: Ram

Step 9: Rubberbands

Doesn't matter where you attach them to...

Step 10: Loading and Firing