Introduction: Silver Feather Crown

This crown was incredibly fun to make, however you do need specialist equipment!

Step 1: Making the Metal Feathers

  1. Get feathers which are real or fake
  2. Cut up metal into strips so that feathers fit on each strip
  3. put soap onto the metal
  4. heat metal strips with a blow torch until soap turns brown
  5. cool down metal in cold water
  6. get some paper and fold in half and wrap metal in the paper with the feather on top
  7. roll through a specialist machine which squashes the feather and metal together
  8. take out the metal
  9. use the metal saw to cut around the feather
  10. scratch into the metal with a knife to add extra detail

Alternatively scratch feathers into metal strips and cut around them.

Step 2: Making Small Molten Metal Feather

You could use a smaller metal feather made in the same way as previously but I prefer the thickness and look of the feather made this way for the center piece feather.

  1. Get pdf wood
  2. calve wood using a digging implement ( lino cutter etc)
  3. draw out the edge of calved design
  4. cut around edge with machine
  5. file the edges and add details with file so that the edges are smooth
  6. put into a round tin and out oiled sand into it
  7. hammer the sand so that it is tight in the tin
  8. put the calved feather into it and make channels so you have one for air and one for the metal
  9. close the two halves together
  10. heat metal with blow torch and pour into the channel
  11. wait for metal to cool down and take the sand off of it

Step 3: Spray Paint Feathers

If you don't have metal you could always make the crown out of spray painted feathers which still have a really nice look to them. I added in a few to add different textures to my crown.

  1. Get feathers and take them outside or somewhere that can get dirty
  2. hold spray paint 30cm away and shake well
  3. spray onto feathers covering both sides insuring all parts are covered

Step 4: Lazor Cutting Peacock Feathers

To do these you need specialist equipment which is a lazor cutter. I drew out a peacock feather and I then scanned it through to the lazor cut computer which I chose what areas I wanted to engrave or cut. I then sent it off to the lazor cutter and it cut the exact shape I wanted. You should them spray paint them so that they are silver.

Alternatively you could calve them out of wood and then spray paint them.

Step 5: Making the Base of the Crown

  1. Get a strip of metal that you can cut into
  2. draw out the shape you want with a marker
  3. cut around the shape you want with a machine, or alternatively by hand with a metal saw
  4. bend the strip that you have just cut out around something round and measure to fit head
  5. glue the end together with 5 minute expandable wood/metal glue. Don't put too much on because it expands so it would look messy

Step 6: Attaching the Feather to the Base

  1. get some clamps ready
  2. use the same glue as before, the 5 minute proxy wood glue, which you mix together the two solutions.
  3. get feathers in the position you want and glue them together and onto the base
  4. use the clamps because the glue takes at least 10 minutes to dry

Alternatively you could try and tape them on but that wont be as strong or wont look as good but it might work!! You could also screw them on.

Step 7: The Finished Crown!