Introduction: Silver Salmon Bobber Set-Up


- Torpedo floats

- Size 5 or 7 barrel swivel

- 15lb monofilament or fluorocarbon leader line

- 2/0 barbed hooks

- Size 7 split shot

- Bobber stop

- Two 8mm beads

- Cured roe

Step 1: ​Preparation

To determine the overall length of your set-up, you need to know how deep the water is where you are fishing, most silvers swim in 3.5 to 4 feet. You want your roe to float about 6 inches from the bottom. Once you determine the depth, you can fix your set-up. For this, we have predetermined the depth to be 4 feet.

Step 2: Bobber Stop

Take the bobber stop. Affix the stop onto the mainline (for mainline I use 30lb Berkley FireLine, so it about 3-3½ feet from your hook when complete.

Step 3: Bobber

Once the stop is fixed, line your float, with the colorful end towards the bobber stop. Place one bead above your float and one below.

Step 4: Swivel

Use a cinch knot to tie your swivel.

Step 5: Hook and Leader

The total length of your leader line should be 18 inches. When you cut the desired length, make sure to account for extra line needed to tie the hook on.

Take one 2/0 hook and tie it to the end of your leader using an egg-loop knot.

a. If regulation allow, you can create a drop rig where you tie on a trail hook with the same knot about two inches below your first hook.

b. If you don’t know how to tie an egg-loop knot, just buy a pre-tied hook that's 15-20# test and 2/0 hook.

Using a cinch knot, tie the end opposite the hook to the swivel.

*Optional Step* If you decide to use a corkie/spin-n-glo/cheater slide it down the leader so it sits above the hook, allowing it to free slide.

Step 6: Split Shot

Take one split shot and clamp it 6 inches below the swivel. Take a second split shot and clamp it 12 inches below the swivel (they each should be 6 inches from each end)

Step 7: Roe

Take a half-dollar amount of roe and place it in the egg-loop, and cinch until it holds firm.

Step 8: Final Product

And now you’re ready to go fishing!