Introduction: Silver Squid

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Holidays are times that I enjoy making things with my kids not to mention that her school encourages the kids in making crafts like this to understand life better. more over it is an art from waste so costs not a rupee. During pooja holidays we made this little squid (that s the name my daughter gave to it. This may not look much like a squid but can imagine it to be one :-p).

Step 1: Items Needed

We used only those item that were lying in waste, just adding up clutter to our house

Items needed

1. Maza 500 ml container or any pet bottle that would suit the shape

2. Metallic acrylic Pints - Blue, white, pink, black, Silver

3. Knife

4. Paint Brush

5. Hot glue Gun

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle

1. Cut the lid and the bottom part of the bottle as shown in the image

2. From the bottom make straight cuts till the curved part (I assumed it as the neck of the squid)

3. These cuts could be just five or eight or even more as the child wants

Step 3: Painting the Squid

4. Paint the Squid's body with silver (or any color as you like)

5. Paint the bottom part with metallic blue and then let it dry

6. once the parts are dried paste the bottom to the head like a hat as shown in the image using a glue gun

7. use some black color to get some hair like appearance and Paste some googly eye to the head

8. I made a smiley lips with pink 3D color

9. Make some dots or any decorations to the hat. and yes let it dry

10. Try to curl the tentacles with slight heat it may look even better

Step 4: Squid Is Ready

That's all we are done now. this is how our silly squid looks like finally :-D. I forgot to take an snap of the back side. I had made some white flower decoration.

Hope you enjoy making one with your kids too

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