Introduction: Simon Game - Fun Game!

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After a long weekend, you must be really try hard to complete all the tasks and work you are responsible for. It's time for us to train our brain, isn't it? Besides those boring and meaningless games, there is a game called Simon Game, which trains our memorizing skills by giving out tones and colors.

For some improvement, I reduce the time that the LED light shines, to increase the difficulties of this game.

Step 1: Preparation TIme!

Electronic materials

Arduino Uno or equivalent *1

USB Cable *1

Bread Board*1

LED lights *4 (Different colors such as blue, yellow, red, and green)

Bottoms *4 (No specific)

220-ohm resistors *4

200-ohm resistors *4

Wires Alligator clips with wires *8

Speaker *1 (with wires for Arduino)

Power source *1 (Power back or other)

Materials and tools for the container designed

A white cardboard*1

PaperTape *1

Shoebox *1

Ruler *1

Pencil *1

Utility knife *1

Step 2: Assemble and Connect the Arduino

First, we will have to arrange the wires and set up the circuit correctly, which is the most important part of all the steps. It will be better to use the wires of different colors in different groups. For example, the Red LED light will all use white wires to connect, so we will not get confused while we are arranging the circuit.

LED Lights Connection

Red LED --> D2 (white)

Blue LED --> D4 (orange)

Yellow LED --> D6 (yellow)

Green LED --> D8 (blue)

There are two pins for the LED light, remember to connect the longer one (positive) to the Digital Pin on the Arduino board and the negative pole should connect to the negative electrode with a 220-ohm resistor in between.

Buttons Connection

Red Bottom --> D3

Blue LED --> D5

Yellow LED --> D7

Green LED --> D9

The bottom has a similar connection with the LED lights, however, the wires of the bottom do not have the negative or positive pole. Therefore, you can randomly pick the wire to connect. The alligator clips are used in this section, it helps to strengthen the connections between the bottom's wire and the wires from positive and negative electrodes.


The two wires of the speaker should be connected to the D11 pin and GND. As a reminder, the red one is a positive pole, which connected to the D11 pin, and the black wire of the speaker is a negative pole that has to connect to the GND pin.

Step 3: Coding

The code for this Arduino can be downloaded here.

Step 4: Create a Box

Decorate your device by making it a box to look nice and neat.

Step 5: ALL DONE!

Congratulation!!! You have complete all the work. Let's start play your Simon Game!