Introduction: Simon Says Memory Game

This is a game that many of us love and remember from our childhood. Not only are we brining back the nostalgic memories but we are adding it on to the computer engineering world! This game consists of different levels in which the LEDs with the help of the buzzers will make a sound a rhythm by flashing the LEDS in a specific pattern, once you see the pattern the user will attempt to replicate the patter to advance to the next level, if not you lose!

Step 1: Gather Materials

1x Arduino UNO

8x 220 Ohm Resistors

4x LED’s

4x Pushbuttons

1x Buzzer

1x Breadboard

Different Coloured Assorted Jumper Cables

Step 2: Schematics/Assembly

Make sure to build the circuit as the schematic diagram above illustrates. Do not forget to use 220 ohm resistors or 340 ohm resistors as well as double check the wiring of the LEDs to the Arduino to minimize any error. The right side of the LEDs represent the longer side which is connected to the Arduino.

Step 3: Upload the Code

Upload this code that is provided onto the Arduino IDE. Double-check to see that you have selected the right port. This code does not include any necessary libraries which makes it ideal for the user. Feel free to make any adjustments to the code such as changing the duration of the time the LEDS blink, adding more levels or even altering the buzzer sound to your preference. For example you can have it play for a longer period of time or you can remove it entirely, but it is all up to you! I have provided you with this project but the creativity lies in your hands!

Step 4: Testing and Playing

Now that you have a successful running code and a circuit game in front of you, it is time to enjoy! It is now time to begin playing. View the video linked to see how the game runs and what it is like to dive into the computer engineering processes of the game we all love SIMON SAYS!!! This game tests your memory, the better your memory the higher the level you advance to, can you finish the game?