Introduction: Simple 12v Compact Fluorescent Tube Ballast/inverter Only Eight Components! Updated!

This is an inverter that can drive any 8 to 25watt compact fluorescent tube with a 11to 15v input.
It consists of a ferrite core,tip3055 transistor,two resistors,two capacitors.
i use tubes out of old energy savers.

Step 1: Parts Required

You will need:

tip3055 transistor

180R resister(1w)

47R resistor (1w)

16v 100uf capacitor (electrolytic)

100n green cap (brown inductively wound will work)

toroid ferrite core (4-5cm x1cm)
heat sink (essential)

3 meter 0.7mm winding wire(0.6-0.8)
5 meter 0.5mm winding wire
old energy saver bulb.
power supply/battery of your choice.

Step 2: Modify Old Energy Saver Lamp.

you will find that there is a join on the plastic bit.
You need to separate the two halves and look inside.
you will see 4 wires in between the ballast and the tube.

Step 3: Back to the Inverter

now you need to wind the coil as shown.
all windings must be wound in the same direction and correct
wire sizes.
first wind the secondary coil with 90 turns of 0.5mm wire tap it then another 35turns(once every time it goes through the hole)
then wind 35 turns of 0.7 mm wire for the primary.
and 14 turns of 0.5mm wire on top of the primary to make the feedback.
leave 2.5cm of wire at the start and finish of each winding.

Step 4: Create a Pcb to Mount It On.

use this diagram to make the PCB to put it all on
but watch out because the jump wires may be confusing!
now find the lamp you put aside and connect the base terminals
to the output wires and test it and then you are finished!