Introduction: Simple 9v Usb Charger in an Altoids Tin

Parts used

Altoids Tin (empty)
5v Voltage regulator-i used a 7805
Female USB port
Battery clip


Soldering Iron
A File


Shrink tubing 

Note:this is my first instructable please tell me how i did :)

Step 1: 7805 Pinning and Usb Pinning

 on the 7805:

pin 1-positive in
pin 2-negative (ground)
pin 3-positive out

on the usb:
D+/D-      these are data-lines and are not used in my instructable

****EDIT-on the usb the pos and neg are it the wrong spot just flip the position :)

Step 2: Step 1

Grab your 7805 and solder 1 wire to each leg.(if your putting in a switch add 2 to the ground leg).

Solder your positive "in" leg onto the positive lead from the battery.

Now solder one ground wire to the switch and one to the negative wire coming from the battery.

Now solder the lead coming from the switch to the negative on your usb.

From the positive out leg on your 7805 solder a wire from it to the positive wire on your usb.

Step 3: Cutting Holes

Now take your drill and drill holes for your switch and usb.

Then file the holes square.

Step 4: Done.

 Now finally add everything to the tin and your good to go!

one tip: you can use the tin as a heatsink for your 7805.