Introduction: Simple Acrylic IPod Touch or IPhone Stand

 This guide is a how-to on how to produce a simple, aesthetically appealing, acrylic stand for your iPod touch or iPhone. As a DIY'er, I decided to produce something not by buying, but by using something I find around the house. I am an avid aquarist, and create my own acrylic and polycarbonate filter tubes for my aquariums. Since I did not want to go out and purchase my own acrylic pieces, I just flattened out some old acrylic tubes had. I created this stand to not only take up less space than my LEGO stand, but also to make a more modernized, simplistic stand, using minimal tools. This clear stand also gives the illusion that the iPod or iPhone is floating in air.

Step 1: Materials

 To make this stand, you will need:

1 set of hands, preferably moisturized and smooth
1 stove (preferably electric for further accuracy of bends) or heat  gun
1 faucet of flowing, cool water
1 lengthy sheet of acrylic (or flattened acrylic tube(
1 saw to trim
1 piece of sandpaper to smooth rough edges
1 warm sunny day to enjoy and do something creative

Step 2: Bending Process

 This step is vital to create a nice looking stand. Although my stand has a set shape, the way you bend the stand is to your deciding. Be creative with the shape and make it flow naturally as best as you can.

The first step is to obviously get the flattened material and depending on your stoves set temperatures,  either medium high to high is the best temperature to bend the plastic. Be careful as to not go too close to the stove with the plastic (acrylic), as it WILL begin to bubble and make it look ugly. If you like the bubbles however, do so, but do not let the bubbles get too large because they will make the plastic brittle and weak.

Next, bend a shape that will effectively hold the iPod or iPhone without it tipping over backwards (or forwards for that matter) or slipping. After each bend, cool the plastic with cool water.

Step 3: Finalizing the Stand(s)

 Make sure all your pieces have been sanded down finely and neatly at the ends or the appearance will not be as nice as desired. Below are some pics of  unfinished and finished ends as well as 3 different stands i made.