Simple Airplane Tutorial

Introduction: Simple Airplane Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a simple but great airplane. All you need is a piece of paper to get your wings!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need....

This is a simple airplane so all you will need is a sheet of paper. I'm using an 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of white paper. Feel free to experiment with different shapes and colors of paper!

Step 2: Folding in Half.

The next thing after selecting your paper is to fold it in half length wise. After doing this you should seem a seam running down the middle length of the paper as you open it back up. This will be your guide for the rest of the tutorial.

Step 3: Meet in the Middle.

Using that middle seam as your guideline take the top right corner of your paper and fold it in to meet the middle seam. The folded corner should only go about 1/3 down the length of the paper. You will then repeat the same thing to the left corner.

Step 4: Making the Shape of a Envelope.

Now take that new section you created and fold it over itself. Be sure to crease the fold so it has better-staying power. You should have something that resembles an envelope.

Step 5: Making More Folds!

Now we will repeat the same process that we did earlier. You will now take the right corner of the airplane and bring that right corner to just above that envelope "v". Be sure to get a good crease in your fold! You will then repeat the same process to the left side.

Step 6: Fold Up the Flap!

The next thing to do is to take the little flap that is located below the right and left folds we just made. We will now take that flap and fold it over the right and left flaps to secure them both down. Make sure to crease well as this fold holds the whole airplane together.

Step 7: The Trickiest Part...

This part can be a little tricky... but after it's smooth sailing! We will now take our almost airplane and position it so that that little triangle flap is on the top. The little flap should be in the center as we fold the left and right side down. You can see in the first picture how the little flap is underneath my index finger. Then as we fold it my index finger and thumb are on either side of our little flap. We then will crease the bottom of our airplane to hold everything in place.

Step 8: Almost There!

We will then flip the airplane over and crease the other side so its able to lay flat on the surface.

Step 9: Starting to Come Together.

Starting on either side of the airplane take the top section of the wing and fold it down so it runs parallel to the bottom of the airplane. Crease the top of the wing so it stays in place.

Step 10: It Has Wings!

Now we will flip the airplane over to the other side and repeat the last step by pulling the wing down so its now running parallel to the bottom of the plane.

Step 11: Pop Those Wings!

At first glance your wings may seem a little droopy. Pop them up so they look like the last picture. Only happy planes here!

Step 12: Check Yourself...

Your plane should now look like this.

Step 13: Little Secret...

This is my tip to make your plane fly even better. Fold over the top corners of each of the wing ever so slightly. The most I would turn them down is 1 cm.

Step 14: Final Product!

Congrats! You now hold your very own plane!

Step 15: It Has to Be Named!

Whats a plane without a name? Grab a pen or anything else that you can decorate your plane with. I would advise against adding anything heavy to the plane as it might weigh it down during flight.

Step 16: Ready for Take Off!

Now the last step is to test out your new wings! The best way to hold the plane is put your thumb and index finger on either side of the little center flap. Then pull your hand back about 10 inches and throw it forward. I included a picture of what it looks like in flight. Happy flying!

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    5 years ago

    That's a great looking airplane!