Introduction: Aladdin Pants ;)

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I've been down with flu and coughing for a while and I feel like I need a bit of colour so I went to get some bright fuschia pink fabric to cheer me up :p.

Anyways, this pants is super easy to make and you can make it in any fabric, really.

Not much sewing skills needed - but if you want to add pockets, then a little care and patience required haha :)

Hope you have fun trying!

A xoxo

Step 1: What You Need

1. 2 metres of fabric, any kind you like! i am a hobbit at 5 ft tall so I don't need much :)

2. matching thread

3. elasticated waist band

That's it!

I got a soft corduroy that was on sale from MYR40/mtr to RM10/mtr (score!! that's like USD5 for 2 meters of fabric). I have made this pants before in jersey fabric (for pyjamas and lounging around the house) and also in linen for travelling (they are so comfortable and airy).

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

It really is very simple :). I just use an existing comfortable pyjama pants and just use that as a template (see photos).

You can adjust the length as you like (longer or shorter).

Allow additional 2 inches for your waist band, 1.5 inches for your ankle seams, and 0.5 for the rest.

Measure and mark on the wrong side of the fabric, and cut accordingly.

Measure your waist and cut the elasticated waist band to your measurement (I normally allow an inch of overlap for stitching).

Step 3: Putting It Together

Overlock (serger) stitch all the pieces - there should be 4 pieces of fabric altogether (2 front and 2 back), unless you add pockets.., then 8 pieces! :)

As per drawings in Step 1, I normally put the pockets 3 inches down from the waist, with a 5 inches opening, and stitch each one to the side of the pants first before stitching the pockets together, and then the pants.

Insert the waist band, gently pulling and scrunching the waist until both ends in meet, and then stitch them together - i've forgotten to take photos of this, sorry! >_<.

To achieve the "Aladdin Pants" Look, i just pleated the ankle (twice) and finish with normal hidden stitch at the bottom. If you are making this for babies or toddlers, you can also add ribbons or ruffles or laces (use your imagination! :).

Step 4: Final Product

Colour theraphy is good for the soul! :) :) You can colorblock bright fuschia pink Aladdin Pants with orange, red, royal blue, anything really haha. You just need confidence!! :)

Hope you have fun making it!

love XOXO