Introduction: Simple Altoids Tin Flashlight

Here is a simple project to make a flashlight out of an Altoids tin in 15 minutes or less. 

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies and Tool

Lets begin with getting everything needed


- Soldering iron
- Hot glue gun
- Solder
- Soldering flux
- Tin snips
- Drill bit the same size as o.d of bulb socket (not shown)
- Pliers 
- Drill or Drill press (not shown)


- 1 9 volt battery clip
- 1 small light bulb socket
- 1 small light bulb
- 1 Altoids tin
- 1 switch
- 2 6" lengths of wire red and black (not shown)
- 3x3 piece of tin (not shown)

Now lets get started!

Step 2: Wiring the Circuit

Ok so to start with you will want to strip one end of each wire and then tin the e striped end. (figure. 1) Next is to solder the wires to the light bulb socket the red one to the bottom and the black one on the side. (figure. 2) Take the red wire and cut it in half now solder and tin the ends. (figure. 3) Taking the tinned wire soldering them to you switch. (figure. 4) Now twist and solder the ends of both the red and black wire together. (figure. 5) Screw in the light bulb, plug in a charged 9 volt battery, and turn on and test the circuit.(figure. 6)

Now on to the next step.

Step 3: Building a Case for It All

On to the case we will start off by taking the Altoids tin and marking it near the corner. (figure 7) Then drill out the mark using a drill bit the same size as the bulb socket. (figure. 8)  Now mark the other end of the tin just as wide as the switch. (figure. 9) taking the tin snips cut the lines down almost to the bottom and bend the tab inwards. (figure. 10) 

Now on to the last step.

Step 4: Putting Every Thing Together

Take the switch and slid it into the slot in the side we made for it and using hot glue glue it in place. (figure. 11) Now take the light socket and line it up with the whole and then use the light bulb to hold it in place. (figure. 12) Now taking the hot glue glue the socket in place. (figure. 13) also glue the 9 volt battery clip to the side to hold it and the battery in place.(not shown) Now take the piece of  tin and cut it into a circle and the cut a slot out and a center hole. (figure. 14) then take and wrap into a cone shape and glue in place and then onto the Altoids tin. (figures 15 and 16) 

Now close up the tin and start using it 

Please let me know of any suggestions. 

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