Introduction: Simple Analog to Digital Joystick Conversion

This instructable will show you how to convert an analog (PS2 type) joystick and adapt it for use as a digital joystick without a PIC or any complex electronics.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

-Analogjoystick – I gotmine from an old PS2 controller, or you can buy them.

-Sharp hobby knife

-(4) 150K resistors

-Magnifying glasses

Step 2: Background:

Analog joysticks control 2 potentiometers, typically ~10K, one for each plane of movement.The output voltage in each plane will therefore vary with the exact position of the stick.We want to change this so that each of the 4 positions (UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT) will just give a logical HIGH.This can be accomplished with the use of a PIC and corresponding code, but all you’ll need for this instructable is a knife!

Step 3: Dismanteling the Joystick

Dismantle the joystick by pulling off the cap, and carefully removing the 2 pots by carefully depressing the tabs along their sides.

Step 4: Observing POT Structure

Pop out the wiper for each pot. Do this by carefully bringing the 2 little plastic tabs on the front together.Flip the pots over and observe the black conducting material and the brown insulation.

Step 5: Remove Conducting Material

Scrape away the conducting material in the Noon position; from about 11:58 to 12:02 as shown.

Step 6: Replace Wiper

Replace the wiper; make sure the wiper is pointing to the Noon position.

Step 7: Replace POTS

Reassemble the pots onto the joystick body; hot glue if broke tabs on side of pots.

Step 8: Wire It Up!

Wiring it up.Note difference from typical analog use; instead of voltage applied across the outer pins, it is applied to the center pin.