Introduction: Simple and Smart Shelf/Frame for Your Vinyl Records

For this instructable you need long wooden pieces of a U-shape and access to a 3D printer.
I make each shelf for two records but of course you can make them for a larger number.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood and Measuring and Designing the 3D Part

Once you have decided how many records you want you can place them along the board and decide how long it should be.
When you have one for the bottom and one for the top you can start measuring how big the 3D-part should be. Since a record is about 31mm this would not fit into my printer. Therefore i split them and added sort of a jigsaw end to the pieces.

Then i started to print the 3D-piece, I needed two full parts for each shelf. The part is made as thin as possible and only thicker where a screwhole is added. It is also made to fit the wooden U-piece. If anyone want the 3D file I can send it, however you must modify it to fit your U-piece..

Step 2: Assembly and Mounting

With the finished printing of the 3D pieces they can be put together. The pieces should be made to give a bit of resistance when putting them together. After they are attached to each other they can be screwed onto the U-piece in the printed holes for this purpose. Then mount it to the wall and try it out!

It should be quite little of the plastic shown and the most you see of the shelf is the wooden pieces.