Introduction: Simple Apron

Here are the supplies you will need to complete this project.


- Half a yard of heavy cotton fabric

- Four Quarter inch grommets with grommet setter (I like the two piece variety).

- Three yards of cordage. Paracord, 1/4 inch flat trim, or even boot laces will work.

- Sewing Machine

- Thread

- Scissors

- Hammer

- Pen

- Yard Stick, Tape Measure, or Ruler

- Iron and Ironing Board

Step 1: Step 1: Layout and Cut

Lay your fabric out on a large flat surface, I usually work on the floor. Following the pattern, use your ruler to measure and mark out the apron on the back (wrong) side of the fabric. I like to start in the corner of the fabric, using a hard cover book to trace a right angle onto the fabric, and then measure my other dimensions from that corner.

Once you have marked the pattern onto the fabric, double check the dimensions, and cut it out.

Step 2: Step 2: Fold and Iron Hem

The dimensions of the pattern allow for a 3/4 inch hem all the way around. With the front of the fabric facing down, fold the edge of the fabric over by about 3/8 inch and iron it flat all the way around the edge. Take your time when you get to the corners. It may help to trim a bit of the corner, so that some of the bulk of the fabric is removed making it easier to fold and sew. Fold the fabric over again by another 3/8 inch and iron it down. You should now have a neat and flat hem all the way around the fabric. It is not critical that the fold is exactly 3/8 inch, but it should be consistent all the way around.

Step 3: Step 3: Stitch the Hem

Using your sewing machine, make one continuous top stitch around the edge of the hem. Start near a corner, and be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitch ensure it does not come undone. When you reach a corner, stop your stitch with the needle in the fabric, lift your presser foot, and rotate the fabric around the needle to align it to the next edge. Drop your presser foot and continue the stitch.

I like to set my stitch length to around 10. If your want to add extra durability to your apron, you can add a second top stitch to the hem that runs parallel to the first one.

Step 4: Step 4: Add the Grommets

Grommets (or eyelets) can usually bought in a pack with a small tool called a grommet set. I like using the two piece grommets because I think they give a cleaner look to the final product. Before you set any grommets on your apron, I suggest you practice setting a few on a scrap of fabric.

Using your scissors cut one 1/4 inch hole in each of the top corners of the apron. Be careful not cut the holes to large. Start small, and enlarge the hole as need to snugly fit the grommet.

The grommet set will have two parts, an anvil and the setter. The anvil is the usually a flat plastic or metal piece with an indention that matches the face of the male grommet. The setter is a metal piece with a short handle and a face that matches the female grommet.

Insert the male grommet through the hole from the front of the apron, and the female grommet from the back of the fabric. Place the anvil on a sturdy surface and lay the male grommet into the anvil. With the female grommet on top, place the grommet setter onto the grommet stack, and give it one or two hits with a hammer. The setter should have flared the male grommet out enough to capture the female grommet with your fabric between the two. Repeat this for the remaining three holes.

Step 5: Step 5: Add the Straps

Cut the cordage into three one yard lengths.

Attach a length of cordage to each of the sides by running it through the grommet and folding it over twice. Using your sewing machine, run two rows of stitches to keep it secure. To keep the ends from fraying, fold it over twice and stitch it down. If you prefer, you can secure the cord to the apron with a simple knot.

Attach the final length of cordage to one of the two top holes using the method for the side straps. Run the loose end of this cord through the final hole, and tie it back onto itself. Attaching the strap this way will allow the apron to be adjusted for different sized people.

Step 6: Step 6: Add a Pocket (Optional)

For some extra utility, cut a pocket out from the remaining fabric you have.

Fold and iron a hem around all edges of the pocket. Top stitch one edge of the pocket, this will be the top of the pocket.

Place the pocket in your desired location on the apron, and hold it down with some pins or tape. Be sure to orient the top of the pocket toward the top of the apron. Top stitch the remaining three sides of the pocket onto the apron.

Step 7: You're Done

Throw that apron on and admire yourself in the mirror. No longer will your clothing be ruined from grease spatters and kitchen spills.

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