Introduction: Simple Indoor Aquaponics System

I used a auto feeder and a normal fish tank filter.
When the plants are big enough to filter the water the filter can be turned off.
The first filter is rated for a 5-10 gallon tank.

The 2nd filter is rated for a 20-30 gallon tank.
The tank was 40 gallons

The open filter was also needed at start up to keep the water from turning white.
This one was a used filter pulled out of the first filter unit.

Step 1:

The plants grew indoors so I used a timer to make the day light longer for the plants.
The light would come on at 6:30am, off at 2:30pm, on at 6pm and off again at 9pm.
The sun would shine in from 2:30pm till 6pm.

I used cups to grow the plants in and a sheet of Styrofoam to hold the cups.

Step 2:

This pump came from Lowes. I think it has a 2.5 feet lift.

The glass beads came the the Dollar Tree.

The fish can come from any where that sells fish or they can be from the creeks and river.
In North Carolina a free permit is required if the fish come from the creeks and rivers.
No permit needed here if I buy them at Walmart or Petsmart.

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