Introduction: Simple Arduino Case Á La IPod

Hello Instructateers! Here's a simple instruction on making an Arduino Case out of an IPod Case when you buy it.

Step 1: What You Need

You need:
1. An Arduino (I used the Arduino Uno R3)
2. An old IPod case

That's all you need at first :)

Step 2: Finding the Spot to Cut (USB-Port)

Now you need to place the Arduino in the IPod case. When it's inside, push the microcontroller to one side of the case so you can carve in the outline of the USB-port.

P.S. At first you need to cut out the USB-Port because it sticks out further off the board.

Step 3: Cut It!

Now you need to cut out the shabpe of the square.
If you're as unpaitent as I am, you can use a multitool, or dremel, what you want to call it.
When you're done with cutting or drilling through the plastic you have to make enough room so the Arduino can fit in.

P.S. I'm not that talented in fine works, my drilling looks like I searched the Area for a little Atom of Silicon or Gold, but I hope you know what I intended to do ^^

Step 4: The Same Thing With the 9V Input

You've got to cut or drill again. I think I don't have to tell you much about it. Look at the Step before this if you need to.

Step 5: Finish It (at First...)

Yup, you're finished by now... With the first part! The Case doesn't have openings for the Header Pins, but I try to update this in the near future :)

Thanks for reading until now! Have fun doing this by your own :)