Introduction: Simple Arduino Photoresistor Piano

This Arduino piano requires only few components and is able to teach basic piano skills by using more simple finger techniques than the real piano.

Step 1: Step 1: Codes

You can find the code inside this link (arduino_piano, not no.

), and the annotations were made so you can understand the meaning of each line.

If your environmental light is brighter or darker, you can change the number that I noted in the code so you can have a piano that is much easier to control.

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare Components

List of required components:

  1. Arduino Leonardo
  2. Arduino Breadboard
  3. 6 Photoresistors
  4. 22 Jump Wires (Male to Male)
  5. 6 220 ohm resistors
  6. Arduino Loudspeaker
  7. Soldering Iron

Step 3: Step 3: Circuit

Follow this circuit and the codes above will cooperate together, then your piano is done. Do not change any pin position or else my code will not work. If you really want to change it, leave a comment under and I will do another code just for you.

Step 4: Step 4: Done!!!

This is my own Arduino piano. However, there are only six keys since the A Pin on the board is not enough to support a whole piano. If you want to make a whole piano by Arduino, maybe you can try to add push buttons at D Pin.