Simple Arduino Stoplight Controller

Introduction: Simple Arduino Stoplight Controller

This project like the name hints is just a very basic controller for a stop light, I used an arduino but in reality that was overkill this could easily be done with an ATtiny.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Stoplight (i got mine from an uncle.... i didn;t ask where he found it :P)
  • Microcontroller(i used a RBBB arduino board from modern devices)
  • Standard wall outlet and plastic enclosure for outlet
  • Relay board(you can either make this or buy one premade from ebay for ~$10
  • Hookup wire both light gauge(arduino to relays) and heavy(relays to lightbulbs)
  • power supply for microcontroller

Step 2: Program Arduino

As i said this is a very simple example as such my codes very basic but there is so much more that could be done if you desire to do so.

Step 3: Wire It All Up

  • Attach the wall outlet in series to the power bus, this will be used to power your Arduino.
  • Next attach 3 of the relays to the power bus in series with each light.
  • Once you have all of those wired together attach the micro controller to the relay board and attach the arduinos power adapter to the outlet you now have inside the traffic light.

Step 4: Future Ideas

As you saw in the video this is a very basic idea, you can easily modify it for many more things here are some ideas.
  • Instead of a full arduino use a ATtiney, or even 555 timers
  • Button inputs to change modes
  • Network interface to link the light to some online activity
  • Range detection, have it turn on/off depending if someone is near by

There are many other ideas please feel free to post in comments anything you can think of, i will be making some changes to this in the not too distant future :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not to bad. I just finished a similar project. Do you know the model of your light?
    Here is a vid of my project if anyone is interested.