Introduction: Simple Bamboo and Tissue Paper Indoor/Outdoor Kites

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These are 1 to 4-line kites which can be flown indoors or out.

Step 1: Gather Materials

2 sheets of tissue paper (your favorite color), 3-36 inch bamboo blind sticks (a whole blind can be purchased for less than $10 at many discount stores and used to make all kinds of cool things!), ‘Dyneema’ fishing line (aka Spider Wire…super light, super strong) or other lightweight, high strength line, Rubber cement or glue stick

Step 2: Decide What Kind of Kite You Wish to Construct

Tie a single stick in a circle or perhaps get creative and make a 'jet' or for the more intrepid go for a 'Revolution' type stunt kite and tie two of the sticks together, overlapping 2/3 the length.

Step 3: Continue With Frame Construction

Cut the third stick in half and lash at the ends where the overlapped sticks end. Either lash them with only an inch or so overhang to create a more ‘Revolution’ type kite or in the middle to form a double diamond stunt kite.

Step 4: Framing Continued

For a ‘Revolution’ type kite, tie the fishing line from one end of the long bamboo to the other and tighten to form a gentle curve so the center of the arc is approximately 12 inches from the tips then tie and piece from the end of the long bamboo to the bottom of one of the cross members and then diagonally to the top of the other stick. Repeat from the opposite side.

Step 5: 'Skinning' Your Kite

Lay out the tissue paper and lay the kite frame on it.  Trim excess tissue from around the kite and overlap about 1 inch in order to attach the tissue to the frame.  Use a glue stick or preferably rubber cement to attach the paper to the kite.

Step 6: Bridling

Connect bridle lines to the ends of the cross members.

Step 7: Fly Your New, Ultralight Kite!

These kites fly very well in very little or no wind with just a little movement. Will post video of complete 'Revolution' kite soon!

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